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The Silver Ones on Tour

Following on the book 'The Silver Ones - do's & don'ts for 50+ marketing' (published by Pelckmans Pro - 2018), Filip Lemaitre interviewed, armed with a camera and microphone, different people from different industries about several topics mentioned in this book.

Vlogs only in Dutch. (without subtitles in English)

# 1  In this vlog Dirk Schyvinck, autor of the book ‘Wat als we 100 worden?’ (uitg. Houtekiet) talks about longevity and the challenges and opportunities for society.

# 2 Jean-Luc Lamote, a retail consultant and entrepreneur who became became just fifty at this moment, shares in his thoughts why he is looking forward to this new life stage.

# 3 In this vlog, Luc Vermeersch, passionate entrepreneur in retail solutions and brewer, explains why he prefers talent before age.

#4 In this vlog, Fons Leroy, at the time managing director of VDAB. turns over the prejudices about 50+ employees in benefits.

#5  Mimi Lamote, CEO Mayerline. ‘It’s all about style, not about age.’

#6  Bart De Smet, CEO Ageas, talks in this vlog about financial en mental impact of longevity.

#7 Piet Verhoeve, at the time CEO Hangar K and expert innovation sees a lot of innovation opportunities for the silver market.

#8 Nicolas Moerman, co-founder of Nestor, an innovative employment agency with a focus on 50+ talks about the future of flex-jobs and the advantage of the elder employee.


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