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Those who calls on to bureau50 already see the opportunities in the silver market but wonder how they can reach, connect, engage, serve and bind this consumer. Based on our knowledge and insights, we strive to formulate the best answer for your challenge. This can be a marketing strategy, a campaign or promotion, but also new products and services. And yes, sometimes marketing, communication and advertising agencies knock on our door with their questions.

Bureauvijftig Strategie

Strategy is about making the right choices and setting the right course. We contribute to the development of propositions, positioning and product-market combinations. Together we define the best segmentation criteria for your product, service or brand. We examine which content appeals to them, which channels and media are the most appropriate and which are the most effective and most suitable influencers.

We don’t have standard solutions for this challenges, but we do have a lot of knowledge, insights, experience and a unique agency approach / model to arrive at the most suitable and efficient strategy. But it is the evidence itself that every plan responds to your vision and mission. During an intake conversation we get to know the specific challenges and expectations.

Do you think we could be the right partner to tackle your challenge? Let us start with a coffee.

P.S. Sometimes we are also contacted by marketing, communication and advertising agencies. We have no problem with this, on the contrary. This type of collaboration often leads to very creative and original solutions.



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